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To reduce untimely death on roads within the state, the Ogun State Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE) has admonished commercial motor-cyclists to obey traffic rules and regulations.

The TRACE Corps Commander, ‘Seni Ogunyemi, speaking on a radio programme, noted that some citizens of the State who patronise Okada have met untimely death due to the reckless manner in which the riders manoeuvre major highways with disregard for traffic laws.

He noted that many of the riders and truck drivers were young and inexperienced, saying that it was imperative for motorcycle operators plying the roads to wear standard crash helmets while riding, advising against carrying more than one passenger, children or pregnant women as well as riding against traffic.

‘’One of the most important factors which should be taken into consideration, when driving or riding on any road is the safety of the people being transported. The safety of lives, goods and commodities being conveyed from one destination to another, is highly important.

‘’It does not make any sense, when a commuter or a passenger is afraid he or she could sustain serious injury or other body deformities, just because the object for transportation exposes him or her to a high level of risk,’’ Ogunyemi said.

He said the agency would not fold its hands and watch the roads turned into slaughter slabs by reckless riders and drivers, stating that there were different safety measures which the Okada riders were contravening, among which are the violation of traffic laws and indiscriminate parking among others.


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